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Face to face fundraising is where our ethical charity brand ambassadors engage directly with the public in either a residential or private site setting. It is by having positive, honest conversations with the general public that we not only raise awareness of your charity brand but, also, sign up donors in an ethical way. Our donor feedback is excellent and we pride ourselves on being the public face of your charity brand.

Work With Us

    Face to face fundraising creates a positive interaction between the potential donor and the fundraiser. Where indirect marketing (such as digital and social media channels) is broader and does not always target the right audience, direct fundraising helps you to create a more tailored, strategic approach to your potential donors. Positive conversations are in our DNA!


    Our fundraisers work around the UK’s major towns and cities. We specialise in non intrusive positive dialogues with potential donors. We only use high footfall sites and these are booked in a professional and compliant manner. Our fundraisers pride themselves on the positive feedback we receive from both the general public AND the venues that host us. 


    Our fundraisers receive one to one in field mentoring. We ensure that our fundraisers are not just learning the skills required to be a fundraiser but also putting it into play by engaging with protentional donors alongside their mentor. Both our field mentors and our fundraisers are focused on positive conversations and ethics. Our fundraisers also receive classroom training tailored to your charity campaign. We offer further training for any fundraisers if required. We teach our fundraisers how to be confident, ethical, communicate effectively
    and be passionate about the charity they are raising awareness for.

    In House Recruitment

    Benefits to targeted, in house, recruitment means that charities do not need to spend valuable time and money on finding and training potential fundraisers. Our hiring experts have a working knowledge on what to do to find the right fundraisers for you. We have a structured 3 stage interview process which eliminates any unsuccessful candidates along the way leaving us with the brightest, sharpest and most committed fundraisers for your charity.


    Our field management teams have 40 years of experience in all key areas, fundraising, recruitment, team management and training. We believe in organic growth, all our management teams have started off by being fundraisers themselves, working their way up the ladder, learning leadership skills along the way. It is with this industry leading model that we can create effective, dynamic and ethical fundraising teams!


    IXL Trading takes compliance very seriously. We check the quality of our fundraisers on a daily basis to ensure that they are working to the highest possible standards. We go through quality and compliance training with all our fundraisers before they speak to any potential donors. Being a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, we work in accordance with the Code of Fundraising Practice. However IXL go a few steps further with ongoing field visits, regular team audits and continous compliance training.

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