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"This is NOT a sales business, this is a PARTNERSHIP business"

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    At IXL we have a strong mission to “redefine the ethical fundraising industry” IXL don’t merely want to yet another generic “ethical” fundraising organization we position ourselves as the disrupters and the innovators in this field.

    IXL have identified a gap in the ethical fundraising industry and we believe that we are the organization who can fill that gap. By focusing on our core values of Honesty, Ethics and Diversity we believe that we offer something different.. As an organization that wants to be a true partner to our charity clients we believe that we can become an extension of any fundraising department. We ARE the public face of your charity brand and everything we do reflects this! By focusing on being genuine brand ambassadors with a passion for ethics and representing YOUR charity.

    Business can be a force for good and a force for change in this world. Only by partnering with people who genuinely share your charities vision can you unlock the true potential of your fundraising campaigns.


    “No tricks, no sales… we are FUNDRAISERS! IXL only produce high quality, long term donors”


    IXL will never mislead you or your potential donors.


    IXL will only fundraise ethically and we ensure our people are compliant and have ongoing training and support.


    IXL work with many different people including marginalized and minority groups. We ensure that the faces representing your charity represent the diversity within communities across the UK.

    IXL Trading takes compliance very seriously. We check the quality of our fundraisers on a daily basis to ensure that they are working to the highest possible standards. We go through quality and compliance training with all our fundraisers before they speak to any potential donors. Being a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, we work in accordance with the Code of Fundraising Practice.

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