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IXL are at the forefront of the ethical fundraising industry with over 40 years of combined industry experience within our management team.

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Hicham Mouden He/Him

Managing Director/Founder

    Hicham Mouden is an ethical entrepreneur and business strategist. He has over 15 years of business management experience and over 15 years of working within the charity sector. He is an innovator and disrupter. Hicham identified that there is a gap within the fundraising industry for a lean, ethical partnerships based organization. Hicham prides himself on inspirational leadership with his core values of Honesty, Ethics and Diversity paramount within his organization. Hicham wants to create a true legacy within the industry and create something special with IXL. He believes that business can be used as a force for good in this world. By ensuring that his organization is focused, lean and has strong values he is at the forefront of ethical fundraising. He is also passionate about diversity and everything that he does reflects this passion. Hicham is a person who can inspire many people to be better and do better… this is definitely important within IXL.

    Natalie Bowen is an award winning Charity Operations Director with over 20 years of experience in the fundraising industry. Natalie has seen it all and has extensive experience having worked with several fundraising companies across numerous fundraising campaigns. She has a simple mission.. to work with charities across the UK who are looking for a more partnership based approach. She has been a prominent figure in diversity for many years co founding an organization and speaking specifically on promoting diversity in STEM across the UK. She  has also recently been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Diversity Awards 2023 in recognition of her achievements within Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for LGBTQ+ people.  Natalie is a positive networker and believes in creating and maintaining strong relationships with senior Fundraising Heads across the UK.

    Natalie Bowen She/They

    Charity Partnerships Director

      Matthew Galang He/Him

      Operations Director

        Matthew Galang is the operational head within IXL. He is entirely focused on training, development, ethics and positive people management. Matthew sits across our fundraising teams and ensures that they are compliant and effective in the field. Matthew understands the need for genuine fundraising partnerships with charities. He is dynamic, innovative and an excellent communicator. Communication and innovation are important to him as he fully understands that all fundraisers are extensions of the charities themselves. By adopting the approach that IXL fundraisers are brand ambassadors for our charity clients he ensures that our people are ethical, honest and interact positively with the general public. IXL trust that Matthew will ensure that ALL of our charity partners get the best experience possible from working with IXL.

        Peter Braggins brings over 40 years experience in everything from entrepreneurship to accounts. He is an excellent communicator and meticulous in his approach. Peter is a recognized business leader who is an asset to IXL. Whether it be managing our corporate accounts or managing our internal processes he is a keen relationship builder. He is a safe pair of hands who can work cross vertical within our organization. He is one of the most skilled and experienced finance managers in the ethical fundraising industry. Peter has a keen eye for detail, organization and works positively cross department. He is both well respected and well liked within IXL for his kindness, professionalism and is always there to offer a helping hand.

        Peter Braggins He/Him

        Finance Director

          Reshma Aktar She/Her

          Business Development Manager

            Reshma Aktar is one of the lynchpins of IXL. She is a valuable asset who combines approachability with innovation and meticulous planning. She is reliable, professional and always available when needed. Reshma helps develop IXL solutions to meet the specific needs of our charity partners. She has a targeted, lean approach to everything she does and understands the fundraising industry from multiple perspectives. She is a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace and helps ensure that all of our campaigns are managed effectively from start to finish.

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