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"No tricks, no sales... we are FUNDRAISERS! IXL only produce high quality, long term donors"

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"This is NOT just a fundraising business, this is a PARTNERSHIP business"

At IXL we have a strong mission to "redefine the ethical fundraising industry" IXL don't merely want to be yet another generic "ethical" fundraising organization we position ourselves as the disrupters and the innovators in this field.

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    Redefining the Ethical
    Fundraising industry

    WHO we are

    IXL is an ethical fundraising company based in London but with a national footprint. IXL are at the forefront of the ethical fundraising industry with over 40 years of combined industry experience within our management team. At IXL we are lucky enough to work with some of the most diverse, professional and ethical F2F fundraisers in the fundraising sector. Our people, our values, our partners.. IXL are redefining the ethical fundraising industry one campaign at a time. Our people are focused on ethics and our core company values are Honesty, Ethics and Diversity. We pride ourselves on our people! Whether it being our highly motivated, effective recruitment team or our data analytics and operations team WE bring together a wealth of talent to ensure you get the best ROI for your charity campaigns. Diversity is key within our organization.. we don't just "talk the talk" we "walk the walk" There is a wealth of talent in this country and we work with marginalized and minority groups to ensure your Fundraisers are a true reflection of the diversity across the UK. We provide stable, rewarding employment to EVERYONE regardless of background. IXL are truly an amazing partner for any charity brand.

    WHAT we do

    IXL offer a comprehensive, 360 ethical fundraising partnership to charities across the UK. IXL are at the forefront of ethical F2F fundraising across residential, private site, street and event fundraising. We exel at finding the right fundraisers for YOUR charity campaign. With our industry leading recruitment model we can quickly scale and tailor a charity campaign that will work for YOUR brand. We offer industry leading training and ongoing development ensuring that ALL of our fundraisers are doing the BEST possible job for YOU. Unlike our competitors we take the concept of being a true partner organization and expand this to work for you across our various fundraising streams. This is not a "one stop shop" every charity is different and every campaign is different, IXL offer bespoke, ethical, long term solutions to ensure that YOU can maximise your fundraising relationships. IXL campaigns are driven by big data and we have tailored, lean solutions that are targeted to you. IXL are working to "redefine the ethical fundraising industry" with our unique, targeted, partnership based solutions. You've tried the "other way" now its time to try the "IXL way"

    WHY we do it

    IXL has identified that there is a gap within the fundraising industry. A company that is focused on being a TRUE partner and an extension of YOUR Fundraising team. With many companies speaking a similar language re ethics you need to know that this is carried forwards across ALL aspects of the organization. Are you confident that when you hand your brand/budget over to a fundraising organization that its them that will genuinely represent you? You'd like to think that the answer is "YES" however many fundraising organisations will outsource your budget to their "partner companies" giving you less direct control over the people representing you. With IXL it is IXL, IXL Fundraisers, IXL recruitment, IXL welcome calls and IXL training that will be your direct relationship. There is no complications... If you work with IXL then IXL are YOUR Fundraising partner.

    “No tricks, no sales… we are FUNDRAISERS! IXL only produce high quality, long term donors”


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